A complete "Wizard" mode

The "Wizard" mode opens automatically when the Mayka Dental v6® software is launched. This mode offers automatic manufacturing solutions that you can modify, if necessary, at each step. The new version of the software offers a complete, intuitive and easy-to-use step-by-step mode. From now on, this mode guides you in all the processes of preparation of dental machining. Thus, you can be guided step by step for the manufacture of : implant (s), telescope (s), Post and Core, or any other type of prosthesis. If needed, you can exit the "Wizard" mode to access the advanced setup menus. However, do not forget to save your current work so that you can reopen it in the 'Wizard' mode in the 'Crude Management' step. Menu with 17 different functions. The functions are activated according to your choice of prosthesis and material. For example, if you perform a Post and Core, only the steps necessary for the production of this type of prosthesis will be available in the mode menu. Advantage of "Wizard" mode : Mayka Dental v6 offers you an automated process that presents production solutions that you can adjust or modify as you go. No technical skills in CAM technology required.


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