CNC Milling Centers

First of all Mayka Dental is made to be compatible with any milling machine on the market. Every PicaSoft product is compatible with standard international Iso GCode File format for machine tool and other specific file format.

Any milling machine on the market that works with standard industrial milling file format is compatible with Mayka.

Mayka industrial software include about 200 compatibility files for cnc machnies (called post processor file). We should have what you are looking for. If machine compatibility is not made with Mayka we will make it for you.

In the Dental industry some manufacturers provides closed solution where scanner can only work with a their own cad sofware and their CAM software and their milling machine. In this case of course Mayka will not be compatible as this companies.

If you have any doubt, contact us we will respond to any compatibility question.

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