Material management

Mayka Dental is compatible with any kind of material used for dental restoration. We can manage Chrome Cobalt, Titanium, Zircon, Wax, MPPA, Lithium Silicate ...


Due to its capabilities Zircon has become more popular over the last past years and we have developed dedicated tools to handle zircon milling process perfectly. Mayka dental manages shrinking rate, residual materiral management inside blanks. Mayka will also give you tools to prevent distortion during sintering procees thanks to sintering pins and sintering connectors.

Wax / PMMA

With our experience for more than 10 years in the jewelry industry we manage wax milling for casting perfectly. Mayka if of course provided with ready to use templates for this material.

Chrome Cobalt / Titanium

Thanks to our top level technologies Chrome Cobalt can be milled only with air cooling. Tool life has no equivalent on the market. we have already produced more 120 units with a single roughing 2 mm diameter tool on a Yena makina D40 machine. Simply the best reference on the market. We spent 2 years during 2008 - 2009 to improved and develop fast and high quality milling on hard material. We do research and developpment in PicaSoft and our result was checked by machine tools manufatures to offer you the best performance on the market.

Lithium Silicate

Lithium silicate milling is a realy specific kind of milling with diamond tools water and specific trajectories to work efficiently. Mayka dental includes all the required milling technics needed for Lithium silicate productions

Other materials

Mayka can works with many other mateials. Mayka manages also resins milling for instance for model milling.

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